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Reviews Comments: Worst Game in a While Pokemon Sun And Moon game review by Phi Sat

I went into Pokemon Moon with high expectations, and came out very dissatisfied. Worse, I am concerned with this game means for the franchise moving forward.

Pokemon Moon takes the worst features of the series and magnifies them: X&Y\'s overuse of cinematic camera, D/P/Pt\'s unskippable tutorials and cutscenes. It then bogs down battles with the terrible call for help feature, limits water exploration in a region based on Hawaii (which features plenty of water exploration in real life!) and dumps a mess of a story rife with Unfortunate Implications about Alolan culture and one of the worst examples of Purity Sue (in the form of Lillie) in Pokemon yet.

The whole game is not terrible. Apart from the scourge that is Lillie upon the game, Hau and Gladion are both interesting characters and Kukui is a fun-loving professor. The Trial Captains are interesting characters with diverse designs and interests. However, the game\'s problems vastly overshadow the rest of the game. I would not recommend this game.


  • Hylarn
  • 2nd Jan 17
Wait, you disliked having the camera move? I mean, I don\'t particularly agree with much else here except the SOS battles part, but I can at least see where you\'re coming from. Disliking the camera I genuinely don\'t understand
  • geekgecko
  • 3rd Jan 17
Wait, what Unfortunate Implications are there? It's a fantasy world based around magical animals, with a fantasy culture; of course some things are going to be different! And either way, Game Freak definitely did a lot of research into these games, with many of the Pokemon being themed after actual Hawaiian creatures/mythology (i.e. Bruxish the triggerfish, Oricorio the honeycreeper, the 4 Tapus, which are based on the 4 major Hawaiian gods), as well as all the Billingual Bonus place names. In 2016, Hawaii was the state that looked up the game the most, meaning if the culture was as grossly misinterpreted as you imply it was, there would be a lot of major criticisms to the game (much like that Cherokee scholar's criticism of JK Rowling for her fleshing-out of America in the Wizarding World).
  • Demongodofchaos2
  • 6th Jan 17
The flamebait and salt is real.
  • Cools-The-Calm
  • 7th Jan 17
SOS's mechanics for getting good IV/hidden ability Pokemon vastly outweigh the minor annoyance IMO.
  • SomeNewGuy
  • 7th Jan 17
\"Unfortunate Implications in Alolan culture, Lillie is a Purity Sue\"

  • transparentanswer
  • 12th Feb 17
Wow, Hype Backlash must have hit you hard.
  • marcellX
  • 12th Feb 17
limits water exploration in a region based on Hawaii

Probably because Hoen's numerous and lond water sections are generaly disliked.


source of an opinion?
  • Awesomekid42
  • 13th Feb 17
Pretty sure by source he meant explanation as opposed to just saying something and leaving it at that.
  • Retloclive
  • 17th Feb 17
The only two problems I agree with are the SOS Battles and the Cut-scenes. SOS Battles got a bit annoying when your trying to catch pokemon, and some of the cut-scenes went on for far too long that I couldn\'t believe how long it took to get through the end-game celebration.

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