Reviews Comments: Okay for kids, but can't be seriously enjoyed

Okay for kids, but can't be seriously enjoyed
In my opinion, nothing about Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog is terribly original or enjoyable. The backgrounds and even people's actions are badly animated and feel rushed. Sonic and Tails have annoying voice actors, and the voices of Robotnik's henchmen are even more so. The episode plots are stale and several gags are stolen straight from the Looney Tunes. The jokes could be funny to young children but not outside of that group.

Plus, a lot of the time Sonic feels like a jerk, which kind of ruins the show because it wants us to root for him. Long John Baldry (a blues singer who saved Elton John's life) is pretty funny as Robotnik, but the character doesn't really work. I guess if you're into Ren and Stimpy style cartoons, you may like it. I just happened to find it unrewarding and grating. Often it feels crazy just for the pure sake of doing so, unlike other shows in its mold. I believe truly good shows can be enjoyed at all times, and this one can't.


They were probably aiming that cartoon at young children.
comment #4083 21st Aug 10
A cartoon that's best enjoyed by children? WHATEVER NEXT?!
comment #7636 DrDepo 10th May 11
I agree, Robotnik is the only reason this show is as much fun as it is; Long John Baldry either tried really hard or already knew what he was in and just tried to have fun with it.
comment #11406 Robotnik 15th Nov 11
This is definitely for children. It's best not to think too hard about it.
comment #11414 qtjinla15 16th Nov 11
Jaleel White is my favorite voice for Sonic. Ever.
comment #12274 RoninCatholic 12th Jan 12
If you like S Onic Underground, your a bloody hypocrite. Otherwise decent review
comment #15580 AnsemPaul 29th Jul 12
Sonic was kinda abrasive in this show but I still think he was more toned down and likeable compared to his highly arrogant Sonic The Comic and Sonic Satam counterparts. Sometimes it felt a bit too much like a Villain Protagonist show as well, with Robotnik's goons getting more spotlight than Sonic and Tails (though they got at least some decent development to ensure they were still rootable, this is probably the most depthful incarnation of Sonic and Tails' brotherly relationship for example).

I admit the show borrowed way too much from Looney Tunes at times however, the slapstick with Robotnik and his henchmen was pretty funny, but I think Sonic using Bugs Bunny costumes was taking the homage too far. The corniness and trippy imagery was hit and miss as well.
comment #15585 Psi001 29th Jul 12

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