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Reviews Comments: Turns out it was all a dream... Inception film/book review by maninahat

Don't worry, that isn't a spoiler. It's Inception's premise. At the heart of it, Inception is a heist movie, complete with all the genre entails (colourful characters, car chases, elaborate schemes etc.). It is easy to lose sight of this fact though when the cerebral, Russian Doll World settings start to stack.

Inception tells the story of Cobb (Di Caprio), a fugitive father who wishes to see his kids again. Luckily his talents as a kind of futuristic cat-burglar who robs information from people's dreams brings him to the attention of an influencial businessman. He offers him the chance to see his kids again if he does one last heist.

The settings are imaginative and spectacular, and the action is sufficiently frantic despite not resorting to that annoying Shaky Cam effect used in most action movies these days. One scene stands out in particular is a bizarre fist fight that takes place in a gravity defying hotel corridor.

In terms of performances and characterisation, De Caprio's performance is convincing, despite his character having a sort of "creepy uncle" vibe whilst around Ellen Page. Speaking of Page, she got a fairly raw deal out of all of this. Her character's sole purpose is to have stuff explained to her (and the audience), and she has absolutely no personality or development beyond that. In fact, the focus is entirely on Cobb and the heist itself. Its unfortunate, but at least it prevents the movie from feeling too long (a typical criticism regarding Nolan's films). The most enjoyable performance to watch however, was that of Marion Cotillard. She plays as a wild-card character who threatens to throw a spanner into the works of the operation. All at once she is sexy, tragic, charming and often downright creepy.

Inception is an excellent action movie, and it won't be long before I find mysefl heading back into the cinema to see it again.


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