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Reviews Comments: Pilot Gotham episode/issue review by Mac Daze

Good: Bullock! Finally a corrupt cop who isn't a villain. It's so rare to see cops on the take be anything other than mobsters with a badge. Added complexity is excellent.

Falcone! See above, re: complexity. Gordon's job is not going to be just "take out the bad guy"

Nygma! Not necessarily needed yet, but I can see a great arc for him, hopefully with a stop as a bizarre type of vigilante who investigates other's crime scenes and leaves clues rather than help for the cops.

Cobblepot! While psycho veiled in upper class is not my preferred Penguin interpretation, it was acted the hell out of!

Allen! Existence outside of comics at all = awesome, seems to have right characterization, too.

Bad: Barbara. hard to tell if acting was stiff or writing lacking, but if she is bound by canon to produce Barbara Jr. then we need to think of them as a decent couple who's marriage fails due to his marriage to the city, not one that should never have been. The Bi-the-way bit felt like pointless added drama.

Ivy. Not needed. This show should flee from meta-humans in general, and if she's something else, it still could have waited an episode or two.

Alfred. Full stop. Did anyone tell the actor that this character has some history worth reviewing?

Production. Okay, lighting was good, but composer needs to stop acting like every time Selina lands on something is momentous and if that under-the-chin cam from the foot-chase ever comes back a director is getting slapped upside the head. Pacing was good.

Intriguing: I admit I was ready to write this off sight unseen, but there is some hope for a good run. Things I'd like to see/have revealed: above Riddler vigilante. Selina and Bruce training together. Gordon ending up in MCU (dragging Bullock along) and learning not ALL cops are corrupt, the good ones are working VERY quietly. That comedian (revealed to be Joker or not) was spying for Falcone. Episodes without Bruce. Fish Mooney dying (she was very well played, but is obviously a nice Act 1 boss). Oswald learning to act for an excruciatingly slow rise to power. More non-significant character nods (Childless Flying Graysons, Hugo Strange, Dr. Arkham, whatever) not all need to be important to the plot. Harvey Dent starting out (very young) as a public defender.

I will watch next week. See you then!


  • Blacknumber
  • 16th Mar 15
You want to see James Gordon end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Your review is fine but there are several massive things wrong with this.
  • Bastard1
  • 17th Mar 15
Probably a joke comment or whatever, but MCU has stood for "Major Crimes Unit" decades before Marvel's comic movies were even a glint in a nerd's eye.
  • Theokal3
  • 15th Mar 17
Why should this show flee from metahumans?

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