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Reviews Comments: Great, not Awesome The Last Airbender film/book review by Lady Juse

The Last Airbender is a pretty good movie, it did fairly at adapting TEN HOURS into a roughly two-hour movie. Although, when compressing, somethings needed to be cut. Like 'The Storm', a favorite episode of mine, but I can let it slide as it had little to do with the plot.

The effects for the movie are good, though the 3D effects were minamal. Hey, would you rather have a 3D major gimmick movie or just a few 3D effects? But the elements did look real.

The acting was good, they had the feel from the series, but made the part thier own.

Overall it was a good movie, however it doesn't comepare to the series. But I hope to see the next two, as long as we support this movie, by seeing it in the theater, telling M Night he has a good idea and reviewing it, telling what could be improved.


  • Kursunada
  • 2nd Jul 10
"The Storm" had EVERYTHING to do with the plot—it explained Zuko's and Aang's backstory and their motivations. I was disappointed that in the movie these character's backstories were handled through dull exposition and poorly timed flashbacks, thus rendering the characters unlikable.

  • LadyJuse
  • 2nd Jul 10
They did have the back stories though. And it was intresting how they added how the 41st division had some of Zuko's freinds.
  • 2nd Jul 10
Not interesting so much as idiotic. It decreases Zuko's nobility to have him reacting to save his 'friends' and not strangers. Originally, he was acting out of kindness. This makes him seem more self-interested.
  • LadyJuse
  • 3rd Jul 10
I am just being OPTIMISTIC; open minded! It is NOT the TV show and it will never be! But looking at it without bias, it is good.
  • Madrugada
  • 4th Jul 10
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