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Reviews Comments: Generation VI review Pokemon X And Y game review by K Oman

Generation VI currently includes X and Y.

Setting: The Kalos region is based on France. The theme seems to be life.

Story: Team Flare is greedy like Team Rocket, but go to much greater lengths to make sure they can have everything to themselves...

Pokemon: Gen VI introduced only 69 Mons, though they generally have good designs and stats. Much attention is focused on Mega Evolutions, which allows several past Mons to temporarily gain a Super Mode with stats akin to legendaries.

Verdict: Though some may feel that the Gen didn't live up to Gen V's standards, Gen VI was still a wonderful addition to the series. It has a Video Game 3D Leap that makes the region truly stand out among others. The regional dex alone contains almost 2/3 of all Pokémon at this point. Several new additions to the mechanics appeared (ex. Pokémon-Amie, Friend Safari). The dominant complaint about Gen VI was a lack of difficulty brought on by a buffed-up Exp. Share, potential side-effects of Pokémon-Amie, and EV Super Training. The Exp. Share and Super Training at least get a pass as simply taking existing concepts and making them more convenient, but it is admittedly quite cheap to have high-level Affection Mons from Amie survives hits they shouldn't, shrug off status conditions, and get critical hits more often. Still, Gen VI is another groundbreaker for the series and the #1 reason I'm getting a 3DS.


That's it for my Pokémon reviews for now.


  • Scardoll
  • 12th Feb 14
Read all your reviews, and it's cool seeing your opinions on the different generations. I personally like to rank by games (With Platinum being my favorite), but I think this approach works too.

My favorite thing about X and Y is that huge dex. It's probably the most fun Pokemon game to replay, especially for nuclockes. I love replaying Red (Because I'm a complete gen 1 nostalgiac), but it's always annoying going through the grind before you get through Mount Moon and the game starts to open up.

I should do a mono-normal run of Red, since Normal types are awesome in that game and they're found EVERYWHERE.
  • JobanGrayskull
  • 12th Feb 14
Bought a 2DS just for this. (Now I can go back and finally play Gens IV and V as well, yay.) I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The story was a little funky, but the 3D battles (even in 2D mode) are awesome. The huge Pokedex kept me playing for countless hours, and I love the Wonder Trade and GTS systems for collecting extras.

Also...after so many long, cold, dark years...THEY CHANGED HYPER BEAM BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL BALLS-OUT AMAZING SFX. So much win.

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