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Reviews Comments: Ridiculously complicated, but somehow it all makes sense... Homestuck whole series review by orngjce 223

Homestuck is, like its predecessor Problem Sleuth, an Affectionate Parody of multiple genres of video games, and a ridiculously-but-awesomely complex story. It's a story of four kids and the game they play together, which happens to be a game that offers a way to escape the end of the world. And then we have the Geodesic Cast of the other characters associated with the session: four guardians, four exiles, four kernelsprites, twelve trolls... not to mention multiple sets of alternate-universe counterparts.

This story is riddled with Mythology Gags to the point of becoming Continuity Porn. Don't let that stop you, though. Andrew Hussie is a master at tying up Kudzu Plots neatly. Just be careful: if you want to understand this series, expect to spend hours upon hours reading the recaps, watching the forums or wiki for associated "IDE/Theories" and explanation of how the current events tie to previous ones. Speaking of the forums, they're... weird, but awesome. Just like the comic.

In conclusion, read it, but don't be surprised if it starts taking over your life.


  • SweetMadness
  • 24th May 10
"Speaking of the forums, they're... weird, but awesome. Just like the comic."

Completely agree. The fandom is really the main reason why I got so into the series to begin with. Discussing all the various WM Gs with other fans really makes me anticipate new updates even more, and makes it easier to understand some of the more Mind Screw-aspects of the comic.

  • stickmeister0
  • 14th Jun 10
I have to agree, the fandom is weird, but they are very nice people and are, in reality, just like every other fandom out there. They're actually one of the better ones I've seen.

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