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08:48:11 AM Mar 6th 2012
edited by 3of4
So, its been going two "add/remove" rounds, so lets discuss it. The Fanservice remark upon Willa sunning herself in a bikini top and shorts. One side is that it IS fanservice (a 16 year old watching the finder would see someone of more or less the same age after all) and it's hardly that showy. The other side is that describing someone underage (and for the record, as of this writing Maddie Hasson is seventeen) as "fanservice" seems to sot not right with some people.

So, lets find a consensus before the line gets added and removed ad infitium

My argument would be that the trope is YMMV for a reason. What is fanservice and what not is a subjective thing and writing it onto the YMMV page should therefore not be a problem. The individual opinion should here defer to the rest.

Your points of view and arguments please.
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