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12:25:18 PM Aug 13th 2014
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I've noticed that a lot of people mistakenly assert that Bender crawls through an air vent or an air shaft (not just on TVT, it's a common misconception) when he's actually just above the ceiling tiles. I'd like to point this out on the one of the film's pages, but I don't know what trope it would fall under and am not sure what tab I would post it on.
07:08:04 AM Jul 23rd 2014
This was added recently:

  • Misaimed Fandom: Allison is seen by some fans as some kind of proto-goth heroine and they were furious that she undergoes a makeover in the last 5 minutes of the movie. What they may fail to realise is that Allison is deeply unhappy being on the fringe of school society and desperate, in fact, for attention and friends. Essentially, she's messed up, and so when Claire helps her feel special by giving her a makeover (she finally smiles), it's supposed to be a good thing for her character - a new beginning with new friends, and potentially a new boyfriend (Andy). Her previous appearance (with straggly hair and scruffy clothes) might appeal to some viewers (who may see her as something of an Audience Surrogate) but in the context of the film, it just made her look unapproachable to her contemporaries. We're supposed to be pleased for her finally reaching for others instead of staying in the back, not horrified she's "~not weird like us~" anymore.'

It needs to be cleaned up. It sounds like it's attacking the Misaimed Fandom, it's ranty, and the Bold Inflation is comical and unnecessary. The basic idea of it is sound ("the makeover was supposed to represent her being happy that she's reaching out"), but it has to be done in a way that doesn't say "and everyone who thinks otherwise is projecting their own outcastness."
07:40:14 AM Jul 23rd 2014
How about something like:

  • Misaimed Fandom: Allison is admired by some fans for her proto-goth style and unabashedly quirky behavior, and her makeover near the end of the film is often considered an Unnecessary Makeover which replaces the uniqueness of her look with a more conventional, less interesting style. This overlooks the film's depiction of Allison as lonely and unhappy with her status on the fringe of school society and desperate for attention and friends: in context, the makeover is a welcome gesture of friendship on Claire's part and a visual indication that Allison is reaching out to her peers, rather than the denial of her individuality that it's often taken to be.

07:56:12 AM Jul 23rd 2014
That works. Thanks.
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