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04:23:54 PM Mar 29th 2016
Would Toad be a Creator's Pet? He's a Base Breaker to begin with, but some fans have also accused Nintendo of overusing the character/species - such as complaints back in the day about how New Super Mario Bros. Wii had 2 Toads as the two "extra" characters rather than, say, Wario and Waluigi, or how the newer Paper Mario games mostly have generic Toads as NP Cs.
06:27:46 AM Mar 30th 2016
Definitely not. Of the 4 requirements for Creator's Pet he meets... maybe one of them? You could argue Character Focus, but there's no sign of being a Creator's Favorite, they're not The Scrappy by a long shot, and there's zero Character Shilling.
11:19:34 PM Oct 4th 2011
Isn't Yoshi an Emsemble Darkhorse?
12:28:16 AM Oct 5th 2011
No, he's a main character
06:43:47 PM Oct 5th 2011
Luigi's main in most games (except 64 and Suinshine (not present) and the first two RP Gs)
06:43:59 PM Oct 5th 2011
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