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09:20:56 AM Sep 28th 2013
Maybe I'm being pedantic, but is the shopkeeper in "The Blind Banker" a smuggler or is the shop functionally a pick-up point for any conceivable packages?
04:01:55 AM Mar 2nd 2011
edited by morelindo
Tropers, are you seriously telling me that Ho Yay has been moved to YMMV? Sherlock Holmes (classic) has so much Ho Yay it has a Ho Yay page of its own, why is it YMMV for this adaptation?

While we're on the subject, Fetish Fuel is ALWAYS YMMV because everyone has different kinks. It's silly to have it on YMMV for Sherlock.
01:22:43 PM Jan 10th 2012
I, too, would like to know why Ho Hay is subject to all those annoying red dots on the main page. This is one show where the subtext (whether real universally or just in supporting characters' minds is debatable) is actual text.
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