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07:23:34 PM Apr 3rd 2014
Is it just me or are their more jabs at yaoi fangirls in the YMMV tab than anywhere else? There are a lot of things that seem to be incorrect.

1. Yaoi fangirls being the minority does not seem to match with what is seen online where they are the majority. And its nearly impossible to find anything of Ginta/Snow. You will more likely find Ginta/Dorothy instead of the official couple.

2. Snow in general seems to be shrilled in the YMMV despite being under scrappy and base breaker. I already noticed in the character page she's listed as official couple with Ginta when walking together at the end of the series together does not make you a couple. And Mar Omega is a fan discontinuity that wasn't written by the original author (like Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode).

3. The Creator Pet thing REALLY bugs me because this seems to be the assumption that never losing in the tournament, having fanservice moments and her crush on Ginta being more serious in the anime automatically puts her into this category.

4. The hate dumb tag REALLY grits me because no arguments are listed on why Snow is hated and an obvious jab at the fanbase.

Basically, I want to know if its okay to clean the page up because it comes off as very antagonizing to a bigger part of the fanbase.
04:01:51 AM Apr 4th 2014
Yeah, a couple of Zero Context Examples can go away. The rest can stay - they are opinions and this page is for opinions, after all.
10:43:31 PM Aug 9th 2014
Removed Creator's Pet for multiple reasons.

1. Dorothy is well liked in the fandom and this trope only applies to a character that is hated by the fanbase and loved by the writers. 2. Adaption Expansion allows every character to expand on their character more. Dorothy's relationship with Ginta is not a "joke" like it said in the manga as Dorothy kissing Ginta at the end was her being sincere. The anime just expands on her love for Ginta giving her more scenes to fall for him. 3. Dorothy never lost in the manga. Being written as "overpowered" in the anime makes no sense when she is specifically the second strongest member of the group. She has lost fights in filler arcs and got killed by the King. 4. Fanservice argument doesn't work when Alviss is subjected to the same thing.
10:48:03 PM Aug 9th 2014
Removed comment below die for our ship because there's no point in commenting about how unfortunate Snow is if she's already listed as the main victim.
10:50:18 PM Aug 9th 2014
Ho Yay comments removed and replaced with the Ho Yay page of MAR.
11:00:00 PM Aug 9th 2014
Snow is a Distressed Damsel and adding Blatent Lies to the statement saying otherwise is a dismissive comment of what happens to Snow in the series. Getting captured twice (four times if you include the anime) would put her into that category for a reason. This statement implies that people are lying of Snow NEVER being captured so that was changed.

The last sentence of Broken Base changing to Base Breaker was removed because it went from stating why half the base liked her to just insulting yaoi fangirls for being the reason she's hated and how they're a vocal minority.
11:10:17 PM Aug 9th 2014
Finally the Arc Fatique was changed to remove the jab at yaoi fangirls for the Ghost Chess arc.

1. The Ghost Chess arc tied loose ends that was not done in the manga such as what happened to Alma and her connection to Phantom.

2. Phantom's character arc that was anti-climatic was given an expansion which was needed for someone who already had a complicated back story.

3. Alviss' character arc completely finishes here and also giving some insight on many things at the beginning of the series such as the dagger he used to bring Ginta to MAR Heaven.

4.Snow actually does something after being captured. This needs to be brought up after the YMMV page seems to insult yaoi fangirls for ignoring her accomplishments.
11:11:14 PM Aug 9th 2014
So yeah, I changed text so it wasn't jabbing at yaoi fangirls for "ruining the fandom". An opinion is one thing but when "Yaoi fangirls did this" and "yaoi fangirls like this" repeated multiple times ends up becoming less of an opinion and more of an attack.
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