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05:15:35 AM May 22nd 2017
  • Critical Research Failure: Either on the part of the writers or on the part of Bill himself, but his speech about Superman and how Clark Kent is the disguise, not Superman, is something anybody with even a passing knowledge of Superman will know is wrong, since he was raised as a human on earth and the Clark Kent identity predates the Superman identity by roughly two decades.
    • Actually, Bill had it exactly right. Superman is his true personality, his real self, he only pretends to be Clark Kent. He is not really human, he is really an alien, so his human persona is his disguise.
    • But that personality was not inherited from aliens, but from human upbringing. The kind, caring, unwaveringly just, but a little dorky personality was imbued by his human foster parents. Batman on the other hand, does fit this description, as Batman is disguised as Bruce Wayne, not the other way around.
    • This particular tropes example depends on what you believe more: Nature vs. Nurture. And which era of comics you are referring to. In Bill's case, he's describing Golden Age/Silver Age Superman, appropriate for a man in his 60s.
Oh FFS... Bill was refering to the fact that 99% of superheroes are humans who got superpowers, while Kal is an alien pretending to be human. This is correct. The fact that Billy considers Clark Kent persona to be disguise is his interpretation. Everything else here is nattery mess.
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