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07:25:19 PM Aug 13th 2014
Concerning fencer, I was considering two things.

1. Delete the post altogether because the first link isn't demonstrating the truth at all and is just outright hating on her for insulting her favorite character, lying about what she has done with the translation and also bringing up another fandom that has nothing to do with Free.

2. Add points that contradict the post. Fencer has a post explaining her opinion on Makoto and this "Make him look bad" thing is messed up given she has made multiple posts explaining her stance that is nowhere near deflaming Makoto. She has also explained the "suicidal" side Makoto probably has and given how the second post shows the translation but the text on TV Tropes says she is lying, wouldn't that be libel and should be changed?

Because as it is now, the post is deliberately shaming her despite making multiple posts that contradict the evidence. In fact, this is the reaction of fan dumb and a die for our ship on Makoto/Haru shippers because they bring up her favoritism as if that has anything to do with translating Japanese text. One can only translate what they want but just because you choose what you want, its not outright lying if you translate it because someone who speaks Japanese would have brought it up if it was a mistranslation.

Will remove within a couple of days if nothing is done because my stance is that its not an opinion as much as bashing fencer as Tumblr has shown to constantly insult her whenever the new episode comes up with Makoto/Haru moments because these are the same people in the fanbase who are saying Makoto has no right to stop relying on Haru (again the translation shows that Makoto is too dependent on him so by branching out, it sinks the pairing which is the base of this whole conflict).
09:11:19 PM Aug 13th 2014
Okay debunking the post on here to justify removing it.

There is a rather famous scanlator/translator who has been accused of being extremely biased towards Rin/Haruka and hating the Hell out of Makoto for being "the other woman". i.e., she would intentionally post snippy comments abnout Makoto in the Makoto tag and in his birthday, whine about how codependent he's to Haruka, and then post supposed "translations"of the novels proving how obsessive he is to make him look bad.

http://fencer-x.tumblr.com/tagged/makoto-hate Despite the tag in her own page, fencer actually says she doesn't hate him as much as she finds him boring. Not once does fencer refer to Makoto as "the other woman".

Snarky comments in the tag is impossible to find on Tumblr actually. If you post it on your blog, then people can see it but if someone reblogged something and saw the snarky comment, then that's on them.

http://fencer-x.tumblr.com/post/90687457109/trigger-warning-for-makoto-seemingly-trying-to-commit http://fencer-x.tumblr.com/post/91720638296/kind-of-an-old-issue-sorry-but-as-a-makoharu-shipper http://fencer-x.tumblr.com/post/90722934186/after-reading-the-makoto-thing-i-felt-like-it-was-a http://fencer-x.tumblr.com/post/55664898544/thoughts-on-makoto

These posts contradict everything about the two links posted above as "evidence" that she hates Makoto. These are long detailed explanations. Might I point out the reason she chose the suicidal interpretation was because there were people who saw this as romantic and a justification for Makoto to be with Haru instead of worrying about his mental health in the actual scene.

One more thing, she posted that she has never made a snarky comment about Makoto during his birthday and if she did, she just said he was vanilla (AKA a boring/normal person). This should hardly be used against someone especially since it was in the tag system in Tumblr and the only way you can again see it is to click on the person who reblogged it and see their tags unless they're the original poster themselves where you can obviously see it.

Also the first link is outright slandering her which has nothing to do with Die For Our Ship. Die For Our Ship implies you try to harm someone in fanworks to justify your OTP. An official translation with the author's interpretation after translating the whole thing fails to meet this requirement. (And if you go to that page, you notice how its just slandering her about what she does personally instead of talking about the pairing.)

In the end, whoever made this post is incredibly petty given how fencer has dealt with people in the Free fandom who have insulted her for her "inaccurate translation". Makoto/Haru shippers need to stop getting personal. This post is officially getting deleted with this being debunked.
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