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07:55:01 PM Jan 17th 2017
So, could someone tell me what scenes Eirika and Innes got handed the Distress Ball? I honestly only remember the Chapter 10 (Eirika) one for Innes.
04:38:52 PM Oct 20th 2012
Removed the following:

  • What An Idiot: So, the king didn't want his children to know that their bracelets were actually twin portions of a seal on the Demon King. In that case, why the hell did he let them wear them like common jewelry? Why didn't anyone express concern when Ephraim was stranded in sudden enemy territory with one? And Seth, you usually have your head well put on your shoulders... but the "right moment" to reveal the truth to Eirika would have been as soon as they were safely away from the castle so she knows not to wear it openly, rather than thinking of it as a bauble that isn't worth allowing the death of a hostage over.

To begin, the bracelets weren't a seal on the demon king, they were the key to the lock on where the sacred stone was hidden. Second, noone except the King and Seth are supposed to know what the bracelets do. (The fact that Grado does know this is a surprise.) As such, letting them wear them openly was a ploy to make them Hidden in Plain Sight.
08:29:47 PM Nov 1st 2012
Okay, I made a technical goof there, but plotwise it amounts to the same thing—it's a lock on the seal for the Demon King, so the bad guys need it to unseal him. And letting Eirika wear it openly is one thing, but Ephraim pines after the mercenary lifestyle and is generally prone to finding battles to fight (yes, he's a very smart tactician/strategist, but it still makes giving him one of the bracelets a big risk). Even supposing that it's a great idea, though, that doesn't account for Seth not telling her what it is after they have to book it, and even moreso after Colm steals it. The situation has obviously changed hugely and protecting the bracelet is a priority. Even if Seth didn't know that Grado knew, telling Eirika its true significance would have been the smart move. Since she's worn it casually for years, being cryptic about it probably just turned it from "royal jewelry" to "REALLY SPECIAL royal jewelry" in her mind and not "something keeping a hugely powerful destructive force more securely at bay." Knowing its true significance probably would have made her... well, maybe hide it better so that Novala didn't see it in the first place, but also concede to his demands less easily. Given that Seth is usually on-the-ball about things, very diligent in his duty towards Eirika, and generally a pretty smart guy (he figures out Orson's a traitor within about a minute of talking to him), I still call this an uncharacteristically dumb move.
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