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01:01:17 PM Mar 7th 2018
Regarding Fan Myopia:

The thing about DBZA's portrayals of characters is that everything they use is, to some extent or another, present in the original series. Characters are exaggerated and flanderized for comedic effect, but it's always traits they originally had that are being flanderized. In particular, the "official" characterization the entry listed for Goku is pretty much an invention of the English dub, where Sean Schemmel's performance goes for much more of a Superman vibe than Nozawa and TFS' "idiot who likes eating and punching and cares for little else" vibe.

To absolutely prove this, you just have to look at Super, which at times feels like it might as well have the TFS crew writing it- it flanderizes the exact same things, almost exactly as much, just not for deliberate parodic effect.
04:11:05 PM Mar 7th 2018
Nappa isn't a moron, Popo isn't a rapist, Guru isn't a genocidal maniac. The movie villains suffer an exaggeration based on meta-text rather than their original incarnation (Sans Garlick Jr)

Other than that, yeah, you're right.
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