Western Animation Superman Doomsday Discussion

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04:38:25 AM Mar 4th 2010
BritBllt: I tried to add this comment before, but the new system just didn't like me last night. I won't Edit War over it, but I still don't like this one...

  • Fan Dumb: Let's be honest here: despite what some people think, no matter how long it was, who was behind it, or how many movies the story spanned, the crew was told to cover the enitre story, the Return of Superman included. And there was no way it was ever going to be a panel-by-panel recreation of the story either way. Some plot details were going to and had to be changed no matter what and the Justice League, Superboy, Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg-Superman, Supergirl, Hal Jordan and/or Mongul probably wouldn't have appeared in it anyway.

For one thing, it's just really confrontational and Take That!'ish, especially with that "let's be honest here", and the potholing "some fans". But for another, the core logic doesn't make sense. The movie couldn't include all the story elements, so people can't complain about which elements were kept and tossed? I'm pretty sure no individual person is saying they should have kept everything: it's that different people have different opinions on which elements were really important. With that in mind, turning this into Unpleasable Fanbase, and talking about how the fanbase as a whole couldn't be pleased because some elements had to be tossed, might work better.
12:43:00 PM Apr 5th 2010
Rewrote that and the description itself, which seemed to be just a take that at the idea of the movie and the fact that it was "...a cartoon".
01:18:15 AM Apr 8th 2010
When I wrote that I was thinking of the "irony" of how well it worked out, I wasn't trying to disparage the movie. Since it's not really my entry anymore I don't plan on changing it, documenting my thought process just seems like a good idea at the moment.
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