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05:38:00 PM May 29th 2012
I have at least three overriding memories of this show.

One is the episode where our heroes find a tribe of incredibly stupid gorillas who spoke only in Hulk Speak. I remember in particular Max trying to communicate to them what his own world is like (when he tries to describe telephones, they reply, "WE ROAR!"

Another one I've listed in the High Octane Nightmare Fuel page—the (near) mummification scene.

The third one is the episode where Virgil discovers another Mighty One—a nerdish, bespectacled boy named Maximillion—and the two Maxes have to complete a series of tests.

I also remember a bit about the toys, though I never had any—the pieces were too small! I do know, however, that the Doomzone playset was one of THE must-haves of the Christmas 1993 season. In first grade, we had a "show and tell" session about what we got for Christmas...Was it called "Doomzone Danger?" I could never understand that commercial—it sounded like "Tombzone Danger" or "Tombstone Danger" to my five-year-old ears!
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