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06:42:54 AM Apr 15th 2015
edited by IndridCold13
So maybe with a third title being added (Dragons: Race to the Edge) maybe we should think about moving this page. Maybe Dreamworks Dragons, based on Wikipedia's title. Maybe.
07:45:31 AM Jun 28th 2015
Seconded. The series name is Dreamworks Dragons. The subtitles are season names, not too unlike some animes' story arc names(Like Dragon Ball Z and seasons 4 and 5 of the dub of Yugioh Duel Monsters).
08:20:21 AM Jan 18th 2014
Was recap page deleted or something?
08:45:06 AM Jan 18th 2014
There never was one.
03:49:45 PM Oct 8th 2013
Is it safe to assume that after the film there are going to be two different animated continuities? One with the animated series the other being HTTYD 2.

I mean its possible the show will lead to the new movie, but I feel there will be to much story to either give exposition for people not watching the show or simply drop for the sake of non-watchers.
05:30:24 PM Oct 8th 2013
I don't think so. Based on the synopsis on the wiki page for the sequel, nothing sounds like it will be necessary to see the tv series. Kind of like, you don't need to read the Potter books to follow the movies.
11:00:53 AM Feb 23rd 2013
Should we add a recap page?
09:38:24 AM Feb 28th 2013
Yes, yes we should
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