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02:44:02 AM Jul 21st 2012
edited by InsufferableGenius
Okay, that whole "Film" thing over there is seriously starting to bug me. I have looked in every "edit" thing to find the magic cure that will separate them forever to no luck. Having watched this show for 15 years, imagine my surprise when I found out an 8 year old kid drinks and punches people. Then it occurred to me that the movie HAD to be something different. If it confused a life-long watcher, I can only imagine how it's confusing to someone who's never watched it (or aforementioned movie, which I hadn't known existed) before.

Could someone who knows what they're doing do something about this, pretty please wif a chewwy on top?

Edit: I suck at potholing, and I should stop trying. XP
05:15:03 AM Feb 21st 2014
I'm starting to think forcefully binding the film to this article was a piece of trolling precision constructed more maximum irritation. But I'm too lazy(and noobish) to try seeking a remedy.

Should someone visit this page in the next 10 years I also implore you to attempt separating these beasts before they feed on each other.
08:55:23 PM Mar 3rd 2014
I'm in agreement. the YMMV page confused the piss out of me until I realized there was a completely unrelated movie sharing space with it.
08:26:54 AM Mar 19th 2012
edited by R.G.
It may sound silly comparing Arthur to Doug since the former has Funny Animals and the latter has humans with varied skin tones, but . . .

Arthur = Doug

Buster = Skeeter

Francine = Patti

Muffy = Beebe

Brain = Chalky

Binky = Roger

Pal = Porkchop
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