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06:53:59 AM Jan 10th 2013
"Screwball Black Comedy" is not a trope (at least not yet). It was blue because it was potholed to Arsenic and Old Lace, but tropers shouldn't be doing that.

  • Screwball Black Comedy: The first issue, from the breaking out of the coffee on to last page, is very much this, as Anthem becomes more and more frantic as the bodies mount up and she is threatened with discovery, even as nobody around her recognizes what a menace she is until it's far too late. This results in a lot of scenes that are simultaneously hilarious and totally wrong, all the while the suspense is ratcheted up to nailbiting levels. Her panic, and her solutions to the problems that result, shouldn't be funny at all. It's a strangely perverse version of the Noir aesthetic.
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