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09:46:28 PM Aug 6th 2016
edited by Mateus_ex_Machina
Hello, I can't help but notice that the link to the Co Lab HQ Let's Read that supposedly exists and is in progress leads to a Youtube page stating "The playlist does not exist." I'm wondering if anyone else can track down that Let's Read or remove the link, since it currently leads basically nowhere. I've done a cursory search and, while I found something, I'm not sure it only seems loosely affiliated, and not the genuine article (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cncGDDkba74 ). Co Lab HQ/Voxus's Youtube page has no videos related to paranatural (going off the one linked on their Creator page, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbcg4AODeLmLZBGvt243Wg ) If nobody responds, I'll go ahead and make the edit, but I'd rather see if the link can be redirected to the actual Let's Read first. If anyone has information pertaining to this, please reply.
06:18:14 AM Aug 10th 2016
Also, forgot to ask, is anyone else having problems with the link? I'm wondering if the issue might be on my end.
08:42:37 AM Aug 10th 2016
I get the same thing.
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