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04:34:22 AM Apr 13th 2013
edited by
I removed the following Zerocontext Example:
  • Tenchi Solution: The end of the "Victorian Narbonic" storyline, though it's a slight subversion.
When you put it back with sufficient context, please note that Tenchi Solution is a disambiguation and should be replaced with whichever trope is applicable (probably Marry Them All).
09:23:22 PM Jul 11th 2012
All of the Webcomicsnation links are outdated now. At work, so I don't have the ability to fix them, but if someone else wants to take a swat at it...
10:21:20 PM Jul 11th 2012
edited by Etherjammer
I'm not sure they're outdated so much as Webcomics Nation is currently down. Either that, or the links on Narbonic.com haven't been updated either.

e: yep; Webcomics Nation is back up as of noon on the 12th. No need to correct any links.
01:56:09 AM Jul 17th 2012
My mistake; I thought the comic was on narbonic.com. It redirects to webcomicsnation.
03:21:22 PM Feb 12th 2017
And Webcomics nation is down for good, it appears. I'll do what I can, but it will be difficult without assistance of the Wiki Magic variety.
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