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08:39:14 PM Aug 28th 2014
I don't have a very good memory. You know, I've-I've heard people like, uh, can remember the names of their teachers from elementary school. I don't. You know, I... I'm bad with faces, I'm bad with names, really, um, and I don't- I don't even know what the- how early most people have, you know, memories, but, um, probably my earliest, one of my earliest memories is around the age of — it must've been three or four. We'd just moved to Arizona, and, um, my dad was an engineer, and, um, he had this new thing, it was this monochrome computer, uh, five-and-a-quarter-inch floppies. And, uh, it was the craziest thing, because, uh, it could do word processing and it could do spreadsheets and my dad would work from home, which, again, was this new thing. Y'know. You didn't have to use a typewriter. So, um, but when he was at work, my older brother and I would play on it, and we only had one game, it was probably the first game, probably the first computer game I ever played. And that was — it was Ultima III. I didn't play the earlier ones until a lot later, but yeah, we played Ultima III. And, um, my brother would play it with me, and he-he taught me how to play and I was so young, I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, like, I didn't know the story; even if you told me, I wouldn't understand it —you know, all I knew was, there was some bad guys on the screen and we made guys to go beat 'em up. Y'know. But he'd explain what's going on, and, uh, you know, eventually I kinda knew, I knew, very basic, I knew enough to — he-he'd let me play it on my own, he'd let me play his characters on my own and let me level 'em up and you know, just get gold, 'cause he needed gold, get the exotic weapons and stuff like that. And he didn't get mad if I got his characters killed, and I did that a lot, and he put a lot of time — we all put a lot of time into this, l but I was three or four, y'know, it's gonna happen. But, um, we got... we got so wiped out, the first time we went into Castle Exodus, by the floor. You know, there was a, there'd be dragons and demons in there and they could do this thing that was, your character could be dead or incinerated, and if he was incinerated, you needed, like, the highest level of magic to bring him back, you needed a great holy man, and, uh, but the thing that kicked our asses was the floor. And we, uh, we must've gotten wiped out like, shit, like, six, seven, eight times? We, we-we played, like, all — we played everything, we played Ultima IV, and I was older, of course, and he helped me understand the story and how it was different and what I was doing. And, um, I don't know if people — it was basically how I learned to read, was the Ultima games. It — you know, it, I wouldn't recommend it as a course, but that's just how it went, y'know, I, I just read what was going on on the screen, a lot of it was very simple terminology and stuff like — it was the first words I was really reading. And it got me interested in all sorts of stuff — it kind of helped shape my interests today. It got me interested in sci-fi, fantasy, I wanted to read more about characters like this, what was going on. It got me interested in D&D. You know, it — I was reading Tolkien when other kids were struggling with The Hardy Boys. You know, I was, I was reading D&D books at recess when other kids were playing four-square, and that got me in a lot of trouble. And, um, my older brother and I, we must have played everything up to Ultima VI while we were living under the same roof, and, and, uh, then he moved away, to college, he moved away, and — but that was our thing, when we were together, and I... but what I really appreciated about that was, he didn't have to do that, you know — he was like, shit, he was, like, ten years older than me. And, uh, you know — nobody likes to- nobody really likes their idiot younger brother, you know, when you're like, eight, ten years older than, nobody likes — you know, I was an idiot, I was a four-year-old kid and I cried and screamed and was a fuckin' moron — but he did, my sister didn't, but he did, and he'd play that game with me, because he was cool like that. And whenever I think of, uh, whenever I think of him, that's that's what I think of, and I miss that, and...
I miss fighting the floor, you know, from Ultima III...
He looks at the box, then angrily throws it away, then throws the other Ultima material away one piece at a time.

I want to put this... somewhere. I don't know if the wiki has an applicable trope or not, but I think it should go somewhere.
12:35:22 AM Mar 14th 2014
What trope does it count as for this? Okay, let me explain. Ever since his reviews of Final Fantasy XIII, it seems he hates it when you have to dig in the game for the story when it should be at least made available in gameplay.
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