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07:34:39 PM Feb 26th 2013
What happened to HABIT's entry under Complete Monster? I don't see any sort of redeeming qualities about HABIT, so he definitely fits under the bill.
12:48:45 PM Oct 10th 2014
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I agree 100%. He the incarnation of humanity's dark side. It doesn't get much more evil than that.
01:07:16 PM Oct 10th 2014
That strikes me like he doesn't have moral agency, which is a requirement for fitting the trope. I suppose you can make a case here though.
09:08:55 AM Jun 18th 2012
When "This is their first video" is linked to, it actually links to a playlist that displays the last video. That should probably be fixed, as people may click "play all" which will begin to play the videos backwards.
10:41:03 AM Jun 18th 2012
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