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12:45:45 PM Dec 23rd 2013
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Super important conversation topic: Dn D alignments. Which characters have them. And why?

In order from easiest to most complex:

Penny: Lawful Good. Obvs.

Dr. Horrible/Billy: Chaotic Neutral, then Chaotic Evil. He was probably Chaotic Good in the past, but his increasing cynicism toward the state of the world (and the conduct of its "heroes") pushed him to disavow the whole concept of "goodness" as anything worthwhile and embrace the path of a villain as the only real way to affect meaningful change. Then Cap killed Penny and it all went to shit.

Captain Hammer: Lawful Evil. If you've ever wondered what a "textbook narcissist" is, it's this guy. Everything is about him, even when it isn't. He only fights crime for two reasons: to piss off Dr. Horrible, and to get attention/laid. He is fully able to stand in front of a crowd of homeless people and tell them he hates them without registering that there might be something a little off about his cue cards. He throws Penny out of the way of the van so that he has room to show off by stopping it, and doesn't even pay attention to her until he realizes that she's singing his praises at which point she suddenly becomes relevant.

(On a side note, Moist is probably True Neutral and just in it to get dates.)
07:36:46 PM May 27th 2013
You know, I can't help thinking that Captain Hammer's rather useless. On-screen, he fails to stop a crime (and risks making it much worse through negligence), uses super-strength to pound on a normal human, completely ignores warnings about a malfunctioning weapon from the weapon's creator, and when he's injured, curls up into a useless whimpering ball.
08:11:56 PM May 27th 2013
Wasn't that really the whole point?
10:47:00 AM Mar 26th 2013
There's an apostrophe missing in the title, and it irks me...
11:02:18 AM Mar 26th 2013
Ah, it needs a customised title. I've submitted a request for one.
07:42:38 AM Aug 18th 2012
Dangit! I manage to get the Ear Worm music from this out of my head for a week and then an edit pops up in my watchlist and it's begun again.

Any dolt with half a brain...
07:41:41 PM Jan 31st 2013
edited by Gillywood117
I know, right? My sister and I spontaneously started singing "On the Rise" while doing our homework, me singing the male part and her singing the female part. It was awesome.
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