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06:11:28 PM Jan 14th 2014
This page is way over the size limit, and needs to be split. I can't think of a way to do it, so if no one else can come up with anything better in a couple days, I'm going to just chop it into archives.
10:17:50 PM Apr 6th 2010
Cut this and put it here. Perhaps some of the joss-points are true; but Carcer's being crazy doesn't affect things one way or the other (not all psychopaths are murderers). And arguing that he must have committed murder because he's wanted for murder is arguing in a circle — the WMG is about people being mistaken about his being a murderer. (The WMG also disputes that he did kill Stronginthearm.)

  • Thankfully, I don't think that works. Carcer is clearly psychopathic, he was already wanted for murder when he killed Stronginthearm, and his final confrontation with Vimes makes it clear that, whatever's driving him, self-defence is the last thing on his mind.