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03:58:03 PM Mar 19th 2014
I just want to bring this to discussion before I get too crazy with my edits. Would you say that this mod has some pro-Stormcloak bias, or is it neutral in that regard?
10:01:55 AM Mar 21st 2014
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Hm. I wouldn't say so. While even with 3dnpc, the "Windhelm racism" is still an Informed Attribute, I don't see any pro-Stormcloak bias in it. Morviah Hlaalu, a generally sympathetic character, proclaims Ulfric to be a racist, Valgus claims that he isn't much welcome in Stormcloak camps, and the whole Immortal Sin questline (the one with Rinori Imaryn from Windhelm) implies that its villains were deliberately targeting Dunmer and Argonians because they rightfully thought that the Windhelm Guard wouldn't bother investigating something that harms only outsiders. At least, that's what it does when you complete this storyline with Windhelm controlled by Stormcloaks, I dunno whether the dialogue changes to reflect Imperial ownership of the city. Regardless, Rinori mentions that the guards would left her to die if not for Brunwulf, who resuscitated her. This is the most anti-Stormcloak as this mod ever gets.

There aren't any blatantly unsympathetic characters either on Imperial or Stormcloak side. The closest it comes to an unsympathetic Stormcloak character is Froa from recently added Immortal Coil, who is actually very much sympathetic, but mentions in passing that she doesn't consider Haakon Iron-Fist to have done anything wrong. But even Froa is an ex-Stormcloak, though she wasn't dishonourably discharged and still believes in Stormcloak ideals.

I guess the existence of Gabania the villainous Imperial noble could be considered anti-Imperial, but that's pushing it a bit.

So, I would say that it's largely neutral, though the haters of either side may be disappointed that it doesn't accentuate the negatives of either.

03:28:08 PM Mar 19th 2014
Was Ondolemar actually disgusted by Jerulith? I was under impression that he expelled her purely for tactical reasons (he considered her to be a useful scapegoat for the horrible murder, and he still wanted the people of Markarth to think that Jerulith did the murder in order for them to fear the Thalmor)? Jerulith does mention that one of her Thalmor colleagues was disgusted by her, but IIRC, it wasn't Ondolemar.
03:39:27 PM Mar 19th 2014
G Ood point. I'll reedit it.
02:52:05 PM Dec 9th 2012
This needs to be moved to a Game Mod namespace.
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