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01:20:28 PM Jan 4th 2013
I removed the following example because it doesn't indicate which meaning of Tenchi Solution it refers to:

09:00:38 PM May 15th 2011
Some site considers this game a Kusoge (EG: Hardcore Gaming 101)

Is this really true? I know it is more YMMV quality, but...
06:55:32 PM Jul 1st 2011
No, a kuso-ge is a shitty game. The introduction of such a category originally was to teach gamers how to appreciate and enjoy a game of poor quality. (taken from Wikipedia.
09:29:07 PM Dec 25th 2010

I've never played the game. Is this an insanely difficult bonus level, and thus Brutal Bonus Level, or is this a level set in hell or a hell analogue, thus Planet Heck?
03:54:44 AM Dec 26th 2010
the problem is the fact that it's the setting for the True Final Boss fight, and at THE SAME TIME, the bonus level...

and it's not set in hell.. it's more along the lines of another parallel plane...
09:57:04 PM May 1st 2010
I say give this one a day or two to see if anyone expands it beyond a stump. If not, then cut it.
10:50:07 PM May 1st 2010
Went ahead and jump started the page with a few examples.
10:00:42 PM Sep 21st 2010
There's now a characters sheet that I just started.
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