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09:12:57 AM Apr 24th 2014
Found a site which lists out the every Household ancillary. Took a relatively brief look through the Roman ones for Shout Outs, but I'm pretty sure I missed a lot. If anyone else would like to comb through them, here's the site:


Just select a faction, then you should be able to look through their Household ancillaries, among other things.
05:16:03 PM Mar 12th 2014
Removed this segment from Crippling Overspecialisation to reduce length:
  • And then just to be insulting there's a draconian limitation on the number of Spartiate units you can have at a time, meaning the vast majority of your armies are going to be Periokoi and Helots, which aren't any better than anyone else's standard troops (note that nobody else's elite troops suffer such a limitation). To make it worse your best unit (royal Spartans) has an even stricter limit compounded by the fact that every one of your generals has them as their bodyguard, meaning you will almost certainly never going to get to field them as regular units. All of this combined with their negative economy trait and difficult starting position makes Sparta arguably the worst faction in the game overall and definitely the worst faction late game.
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