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12:50:28 PM Jan 31st 2014
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Does anyone know where the houses are? I found 23 with 8 remaining, but I just cannot find where the rest are, no matter what. GameFAQs has nothing on this game at all, not even a page or board for it.

EDIT: I found another house in the final area, just after the jelly physics have frozen. 24 found, 7 to go.

EDIT 2: I found another one, once again in the final area. The glitchy jelly physics really made this one the hardest to get. 25 found, 6 to go.


Well, that was frustrating. >_<

It turns out that the Disc-One Final Dungeon has the remaining 6 houses that are permanently Lost Forever once you start obtaining the keys there. I'm going to make a note of this on the main page.

I found that out by finding where my save file was stored and then editing the first value of it (which stores what room you were in).

EDIT 4: Also another heads up. The 100% Completion reward (the SET command from any of the terminals) only works if you have exactly 30 houses found. If you get the last remaining one, it gets locked again.
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