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03:26:58 AM Sep 10th 2011
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The killer plaguing the town is revealed to be called Samuel Hunt, who turns out to be a strange clown. The dollhouse reveals all - the Hunts were wizards, who trapped a legion of demons in a chest. The orphanage director forced a demon into a clown doll, then sent it to kill the Hunts. He took Sam away, and tried to harness his inherited powers, splitting him into Jimmy and the Clown. He tries to burn the clown doll, when he is murdered by the Clown. Unknown to everyone, his sister Kim hid behind the sofa and created the doll from all the good things in her house. Danielle burns the clown, when the demons are released. The doll perishes in the blaze, but Sam, Danielle and Kim escape. The collector's edition has a bonus prequel chapter, staring award-winning policeman Edgar Torres as he investigates the crime scene at Lost Street.
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