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10:00:59 AM May 8th 2012
Is it okay to change the page image to the Japanese ones since since it makes more sense story-wise than the NA/EU one?
07:45:40 PM May 30th 2012
Doesn't seem like anyone's objecting to it...
10:18:27 AM May 31st 2012
oh, derp. Yeah. The new picture looks great.
08:52:13 PM Feb 20th 2012
I went and moved the page content from Wartech to Senko no Ronde. Since this is the game's actual title (as opposed to only part of its US release title, Wartech: Senko no Ronde).
10:11:36 AM Apr 29th 2012
edited by kijudoav
Good move.

oh, if you happen to have the 360 ver. (titled Rev.X or War Tech), I'ld like to try a few rounds against ya (xbltag: Argroh)
02:26:36 PM Apr 30th 2012
XBL Atag: Quite Pesky

I usually use Ernula. You have been warned.
10:43:26 PM May 7th 2012
edited by ViperAcidZX
For those those of that didn't know this about the game, Senko no Ronde's storyline and character artstyle was influenced by Keiko Takemiya's Toward the Terra. There's an extensive review of the game by Hardcore Gaming 101 with detailed background info about the game. Some of the info I used the YMMV section (which I also moved Crowning Music of Awesome to).


Gamertag: AmethystViper
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