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10:19:13 PM Jun 25th 2014
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Tutorial Failure: Actually, the line puzzle can be simulated _accurately_enough_ in the lab using colored walls (Press "C" to cycle colors, this might not have been mentioned in the game however, can't recall).

Not easily. The real minefield walls allow for a 'momentary thrust' without resulting in failure. This 'momentary touch' _can_ be simulated using timing chips to trigger something, such as a signal _from_the_bot_in_the_simulated_minefield_(like the red light and buzz in the Operation board-game/toy). You can do a 'no touch' solution simulation in the lab. Hardcore gamers must, must, do a 'no touch' solution anyway. And since only hardcore gamers could possible beat the game anyhow...

Buttons-in-order is simulatable as well, but you gotta think outside the bot. Circuitry functions out of the robots just as well as inside. Like the 'Operation solution', circuitry outside the robot can be rigged to trigger a fail indicator.

In science, fail indicators for simulations are the norm. Most NASA simulators will not, for instance, suck all the air out of the simulator, or throw the pilot against the wall, or light him/her on fire. It simply lights a fail light, prints a fail message, or sounds a fail noise. Also, simulator creators must think of solutions to rig accurate fail indicators. To the point that you can through trial-and-error, design a circuit in the game to, for instance, record the length of time a minefield wall can be thrusted against without blowing the bot; then wire this knowledge into the fail indication circuit back in the lab. The lab in Robot Odyssey is simply an accurate simulation of a lab complete with the simulated benefit of gathering 'real world' data to create simulations.

But, point taken. Thinking up accurate _simulations_ of the some of the in-game puzzles are more difficult than many of the actual puzzles.

Actually this item as described seems more focused on 'sandbox mode failure' than Tutorial Failure

08:08:56 AM Feb 21st 2016
True enough, but considering the game was made for kids it still fits.
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