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05:11:50 PM Nov 22nd 2010
edited by starstuff99
...Um, half the tropes that were recently added weren't even in the original game... It's all Fanon from the Let's Plays linked in the description...

I mean, I don't want to step on anyone's toes by removing them yet, but yeah...
05:20:25 PM Nov 22nd 2010
Proposed solution: Create a separate section with tropes in the Let's Plays.
05:41:09 PM Nov 22nd 2010
That'd work, I guess, but mostly I don't really see why we need to add tropes from a Let's Play onto a main article of something?
10:46:23 PM Feb 2nd 2012
I was just about to ask about why there are tropes for a completely unrelated work in this article. If there's no objections, I'd rather pull it entirely.
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