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06:42:47 PM Jul 7th 2014
Am I the only one who thinks this game is a case of Easy Level, Hard Bosses? Or maybe the bosses just have That One Attack... or I suck. T_T

I take way more damage than I can heal, I tried Level Grinding so I can get special skills and stuff, and I tried to use some sense of strategy, but I don't know. >_<

Got my butt kicked by that gryphon but eventually won, but then I got stuck on the energy worm. :p

I was all attacking the bugs with Kaim and Seth and then I used Jansen to use Aqua on the boss and I casted All-Barricade for anti-magic on everyone and I had auto All-Shield somehow I think, but I kept taking a lot of damage anyway. :( I got to get the Yellow Band thing leveled up all the way to protect myself from Paralysis...

I hate those freaking type of bosses where there's a ton of enemies and then the boss heals himself or charges up an attack with them, that is so freaking annoying and it's unfair that it's only the second boss. >_<

The strategy I use was perfect and it was so easy until a second one popped up and I decided not to waste time by using Prism. I also defended against the Plasma Flare thing until I learned that Seth and Jansen kept getting paralysed along with the damage... and the casting is so slow, and they take extra damage and get interrupted from that, and then it's hard to heal myself back up...

Game is hard with crap like this. T_T I think. :(

Sigh... maybe I'll play again some other time. :p
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