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03:00:15 AM Oct 25th 2017
Can we rename this as Franchise/Harvest Moon instead of Video Game/Harvest Moon? Because calling it as a Video Game rather than Franchise is not only inaccurate, but it makes it sound like it has one game, while there are several sequels.
05:48:37 AM Oct 25th 2017
To have a Franchise/ page requires it to have at least three separate work pages with three different namespaces
03:23:29 PM Jun 25th 2015
Please do not add in Marvelous fanboy/fangirl-ism into this article. And especially do not demonise Natsume, when they were the ones that had the publishing rights ripped out of their hands.

Marvelous was the one to make the sudden decision and to not allow any room for negotiation. So if you want to blame anybody for how things turned out, blame Marvelous, not Natsume.
11:55:27 AM Jan 7th 2013
  • Tenchi Solution: In the original SNES version, you could woo all 5 girls without getting married for a special ending.

Does that mean Dump Them All having a relationship with all of them?
03:20:03 PM Nov 23rd 2012
Is it me, or the lack of A New Beginning tropes is odd?
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