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06:33:24 PM Nov 5th 2011
What would be the best thing to file (playable) Archer's setup in the player's personal room? As a mountain of chairs and desks that draws a nearly direct parallel from his introduction in Fate Stay/Night, I'm torn between Call Back, if he's the same, or Shout Out (if that's proper for cross-work elements from within the same basic series) if this a different, yet similar in appearance, Archer.
08:38:33 AM Nov 8th 2011
Archer ( playable one ) is different from Archer in Fate/Stay Night because Fate/Extra and Fate/Stay Night happened in different worlds.

09:15:23 AM Nov 22nd 2011
Based on some hints and comments he makes he might not be that different.
06:23:49 PM Feb 19th 2011
Um... Does anybody plan on adding actual tropes to this page? Right now it's little more than a very small character page.
01:32:08 PM Jul 2nd 2011
edited by AzureRyuujin
...Aksys is localizing it. Wasn't expecting that. Will check fan reaction later

...didn't mean this as a reply...
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