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12:21:00 PM Sep 17th 2011
The following entry relating to this game is on Prison Episode:
  • Discworld Noir has a brief prison-escape scene at the Patrician's Palace, which takes Lewton into Leonard of Quirm's secret workshop. A subversion because, once he's broken out of his cell, Lewton has to repeatedly break back into the secret location he'd escaped through to close the case.

Now, bear in mind that Prison Episode is defined as a prison-centered installment of a series not otherwise about prison; many examples are more along the lines of a level, and I was wondering if this was too.

Not that this would disqualify it; in that trope's discussion page, battosaijoe claimed that a level should count if it makes up a significant enough portion of the gameplay, and kjnoren claimed to have looked through the video game section, removing the more obvious non-examples.

In any case, would you say it qualifies?
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