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08:49:39 AM Nov 5th 2011
I asked this before but never got a response. Dota 2 is basically a completely different in story, setting, and basically everything else except for Gameplay. Is that enough to warrant it's own TV Tropes article, or should it just stay in here?
08:59:08 PM Nov 19th 2011
edited by Crepuscertine
Personally, I would overwrite the current article.

Dota was never intended to have a coherent story. It's just using Warcraft as a framework to set up an excuse for why anything is happening in the game. It would probably be better to just keep what's here, and replace all the old "Story" with the new Dota 2 elements. Just use the current article as, fittingly enough, a framework.
09:34:23 PM Dec 3rd 2012
I agree it should be fully merged, as even the character page uses Dot A 2 lore... But maybe as Dot A 2 is complete and available to everyone :)
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