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07:02:29 AM Jun 22nd 2014
Was the HD Edition really that bad. Aside from the awkward replacement of cliffs, and some minor oddities, I don't really see anything wrong with it. Anyone has a word?
09:26:00 AM Sep 16th 2012
  • Badass Spaniard: El Cid Campeador. In-game, it's possible to win almost the entire El Cid campaign by using only the eponymous character and a few monks to convert buildings and capture relics, without ever suffering a single casualty.

Badass Spaniard has been renamed to Dashing Hispanic. The trope requires some necessary characteristics, like being a rogue Anti-Hero of wit and charm. There is not enough context to tell if it fits here.
02:43:09 PM Sep 16th 2012
El Cid doesn't really fit either, according to the new definition. In story he's a knight who fights for different leaders, but is generally a fairly clean-cut hero without most of the characteristics of the new trope. What made him badass were primarily his impressive in-game stats.
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