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04:08:35 PM Jan 14th 2018
A head scratcher for this game. Why the hell is the AWACS telling you not to defend yourself at the beginning. I don't care if his superiors are telling him to say that and I do not know anything about military protocol but wouldn't random fighter jets firing at you be a reason to ya know? Ignore those orders and defend yourselves?
12:07:15 AM Jan 15th 2018
edited by Koveras
If Bartlett knew that the attacking planes could have only come from the Yuke base across the ocean, then his superiors had to, as well. Since Osea and Yuktobania have technically been allies at that point, the Osean command probably assumed it was a mistake or a False Flag Operation by a third party (which it actually was, as we later learn that these were actually Belkan planes), so they didn't want to commit themselves to conflict by shooting back until they understood better what was going on. Their orders to Wardog were basically to evade contact until further orders. While it made sense for him to return fire to save his men (and woman), Bartlett's response to the provocation was exactly what the Belkans counted on to escalate the Osea-Yuktobania hostilities, — and you can be damn sure that they were doing the exact same thing over at Murska Air Base. And judging by the fact that the Yuktobanians caved in and declared war first, they must have been even more effective there than at Sand Island.

That is why false-flag operations/provocations are so nasty.
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