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01:21:26 PM Nov 6th 2011
Some mention should be made of both Law and Engineering, the two areas in which the Roman Empire is both most famous and widely regarded as the things that the Romans were pre-emenent in, even by people who didn't like them.

A great many of Roman contributions and ideas about both legislative laws, and about the operations of law courts are still used widely today in both Europe and in other places around the world.

Even more impressively some of the feats of Roman Engineering, particular their sewers, aquaducts and their public buildings, would not be matched ANYWHERE in the world until the 1850's when the industrial revolution was in full swing and iron and steal were widely available. Some of the most famous examples being the Pantheon, which is still the largest unsupported concrete dome(others have been built larger but all have cracked), the largest dome period(again, that didn't crack or need to be reinforced with chains) until 1850, and it has an occulus in it. The Colliseum could seat 50,000, had running water on the third floor, could be flooded for naval battles, and could be filled and empty completely in 10 minutes, most of which even modern sports stadiums cannot do. A final example is aquaducts, which could be angled downward no more or less than 6 inches per mile, could actually be moved UPHILL using simple gravity and water pressure, no mechanisms, and some of them were more than 100 miles long and they built a lot of them.
01:42:40 AM Oct 28th 2011
edited by Tomwithnonumbers
I was all ready to remove Pax Americana and then I discover it's an actual thing? And a really really stupid thing "Pax Americana an appellation applied to the historical concept of relative peace in the Western hemisphere... from the start of the 20th century"... it is applied to the time inbetween the 2 World Wars...

WTH? The whole world and most of Europe is plunged into war twice and inbetween basically rests for a couple of years so it can fight again and that counts as American guided peace? This is basically just "well Canada didn't invade us during this time" considering the rest of the 50 years involved the USA and Russia starting bloody and nasty wars. I guess the USSR didn't invade Europe?

I know Pax Romania was a thing, and I know Pax Brittania was a thing, but those were countries with actual empires that at least brought stability to countries not in your empire. Canada doesn't count and getting half of Europe taken over by Russia doesn't count as bringing peace

EDIT: I forgot the Yugoslav war. So it literally is. North America didn't get invaded and the USA didn't declare war on itself.
01:10:48 PM Jul 13th 2011
I noticed we are missing some emperors on the list, namely Gordian I and Gordian II, Pupienus and Balbinus and finally Gordian III.

Gordian I was the governor of africa, who was asked be his underlings to revolt against Maximinus Thrax and claim the empire for himself, he did so having his son (Gordian II) declared as his co-emperor. They were both died before when the still loyal to thrax governor of numidia attacked them with the only legion on the continent, them only having a hastily formed militia.

Before they died though, The senate ratified them as emperors, which led to Thrax turning his anger against the senate, which he already despiced,and saw him marching from the german border toward Rome. This led the senate to proclaim Pupienus, Balbinus and Gordian III (younger son of Gordian I) as joint emperors. Thrax was killed by his own Troops before he ever reached Rome. Before long, the feuding Balbinus and Pupienus were both killed by the praetorian guards, who prombtly hailed young Gordian (13 at the time) as their sole emperor, who would rule through advisors and later his father in law, Prefect of the Praetorians, Timesitheus. When Timesitheus later died during a campaign in the east, he was replaced as Prefect with Phillip the Arab, who would also soon succede Gordian as Emperor.
04:36:38 AM Jul 14th 2011
The list is not meant to be a comprehensive list of emperors, just a list of the most important ones. If you want to add to the list, go ahead.
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