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10:32:44 AM Oct 25th 2017
I think it's high time we simply renamed the page and called it Myanmar.

The previous page is redolent of Brit. Imperialist nostalgia...and it's also moot because given the Rohingya crisis, and Aung San Suu Kyi's previous fame and prestige, and the popularity of Myanmari cuisine among emigrants and other places, for a great many people Myanmar has always been Myanmar...and this kind of stupid overly long title is clearly become The Artifact from an earlier period of Tvtropes...almost every other nation with multiple names have Tvtropes entries that are appropriate and country specific...
04:45:11 AM Aug 31st 2017
Did the 2008 cyclone took part of the government change?
05:05:51 AM Aug 17th 2016
"because of a prophecy that Burma would be conquered by a foreign invader from the sea"

hmm, hasn't this happened at least twice? The British in the 19th century and the Japanese in 1941....
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