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03:10:19 PM Dec 23rd 2013
The Video Game section of this trope seems to be kinda... misused to me. I mean, most of those examples are only assumptions. Is that how this notes page is supposed to go down?
09:16:40 PM Jun 4th 2013
The article rightly notes that Romani and Irish travelers are separate groups, but then I noticed this under Real Life:

At one time, being "stolen by gypsies" was not a joke, but something that could actually happen. Attractive little girls who either had rich parents to ransom them, or could look like a Heartwarming Orphan to get sympathy when begging, were often the target. The massive hunt for Elsie Paroubek in the spring of 1911 centered on Irish Traveler camps not just because of anti-Gypsy hatred, but because other children really had been kidnapped by them and later recovered.

Would it be appropriate to delete this obvious bit of incorrect information?

07:24:11 PM Jan 8th 2016
I will correct it. I have read a lot of source material on Elsie's story and newspaper accounts definitely identify the "gypsies" living in the Chicago area at that time as Rom. They were the ones being investigated for Elsie's kidnapping.
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