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11:34:40 PM Feb 16th 2014
You know, I really thought the spoilered part of the stinger would be something along the lines of "not the butler".

Not that I'm complaining or anything, just saying ...
07:29:13 PM Jun 10th 2013
Please clarify "by law". Do the film rights open up in 2047 like any other copyrighted work whose author died in 1976? Or is there a particular statute affording perpetual copyright-like exclusive rights, like the UK's sui generis protection of the KJV Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and Peter Pan?
09:57:11 AM Dec 2nd 2014
That can be found on the Other Wiki [1] Though note that the ending is spoiled on that page. The answer is that it's in the contract terms of the play: "no film adaptation can be produced until the West End production has been closed for at least six months."
05:59:14 PM Oct 28th 2012
So why exactly are we not allowed to add some spoileriffic entries, here, anyway? Seeing this indexed in Self-Demonstrating Article just screams "cheesy" to me.

Just curious.
02:25:32 AM Oct 29th 2012
For fun, and because to add who the murderer was would break the promise one makes at the end of the play. I also just find it nicer and more interesting than stating who did it.
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