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11:05:08 PM Sep 2nd 2011
Toy Story is a Cash Cow Franchise, which is how Toy Story 3 (And the second) even exist!

So, bet Your soul to satan that they'll make a fourth!
08:14:27 PM Feb 20th 2011
Pardon me, but who was the idiot who cut everything out from the Toy Story 3 section, including "The Summation". Come on, we aren't Wikipedia here - we actually value user input. Fess up!
08:30:16 PM Feb 20th 2011
Sorry about that rudeness, just shocked that all the Natter went. Can we grab it from the history and put it somewhere? I know that the Troper Tales pages aren't for Natter, but there has to be somewhere it can go, surely? Although, mind you, it wasn't like it was irrelevant: it was often intertwined with personal Troper Tales, and there is a little grey area between the two ...

There has it to be somewhere for it to go, and I'd hate for it to all go to waste like that. It was a good read. Ideas would be appreciated.
01:22:07 PM Dec 18th 2010
List of Tropers
01:23:26 PM Dec 18th 2010
I don't see what's wrong with the troper list. It's a nice way for people to share their collective heartbreak over the movie.
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