[[caption-width-right:350:''[[DespairEventHorizon Clearly I will go sailing-no more....]]'']]

* First and foremost is the [[TomatoInTheMirror "I Will Go Sailing No More" sequence]], in which Buzz learns that [[TomatoInTheMirror despite everything he believed, he is indeed a toy that can't fly.]]
** And immediately after, when Buzz tries to defy reality by flying off the stairwell railing. After crashing to the floor, he glances over to where his arm popped off at the ball joint, and despairs...
** Especially the way Randy Newman slowly sings the lyrics towards the end.
** And how the sudden uplift makes you hope that somehow, in spite of him being a toy, Buzz will pull it off. [[HopeSpot You maybe even think that he will for a moment...]]
*** There's also Randy Newman's much darker [[WhatCouldHaveBeen first draft]] on the song, "Plastic Spaceman," which boarders on SanitySlippage.
--->''Three little words, and all was gone/These bitter words/"[[WhamLine Made in Taiwan]]."''
* Also, arguably the song "Strange Things". Woody starts off playing with Andy and then suddenly Buzz is taking his place and Woody is staring around in shock at the way the room, and effectively his whole world, is changing so rapidly around him...
* Bo Peep watching Andy sleep without either of his favorite toys. What really hurts is the fact that Bo and Slinky were the only ones who believed that Woody was innocent.
-->"Oh Woody. If only you could see how much Andy misses you."
* Slinky's heartbreak when he believes he's just seen undeniable proof that Woody really did kill Buzz. Slinky was unquestioningly loyal to Woody right up to that point, and he and Bo were the only ones on his side. He looks so betrayed and sad.
* The scene where Woody tells Buzz he (Woody) should have been the one strapped to the rocket, not Buzz. The main reason being Buzz [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter is more modern]] than he is and eventually will replace him as Andy's favorite toy, which is disheartening when considering that kids nowadays prefer stuff that looks cool and flashy whilst eschewing the older, uncool, and obsolete ones simply because they're past their prime and yesteryear's trend; hence why Buzz at the time is considered the hottest commodity for kids, as revealed in an earlier TV ad. This also ironically brought Buzz down to Earth hard with the fact that, [[TomatoInTheMirror yes, he is indeed another regular toy that cannot do otherworldly things, just as Woody had been attempting to knock on his head many times earlier.]] Shortly after, Woody looks over to Buzz only to find he is no longer there. The saddened look on Woody's face sets it.
** When Woody is stuck under the milk crate and tries to get Buzz to help him escape.
-->'''Woody:''' Buzz, I can't do this without you. I need your help.\\
'''Buzz:''' (''dejected'') I can't help. I can't help anyone.
** The equally miserable reply to Woody's encouragement over being a toy; "Why would Andy want ''me''?" Not only is Buzz broken about being a mere toy, but doesn't even consider himself one worthy of entertaining the young boy he accompanied days before.
* When Scud has Woody by the teeth, he can't get to safety and resigns that he's going to be mauled apart. His [[LastRequest last words]] to Buzz? "[[TakeCareOfTheKids Take care of Andy for me]]."
* Sid is ''not'' nice to his little sister. It's clear he's always stealing her toys, mutilating them, and rearranging them just to bully Hannah, given how all of her toys appear to be that way. It's just plain cruel. And at the end of the film, Hannah strikes back and starts torturing him with his new fear of toys. Let's hope that this was a phase they eventually grew out of.
** FridgeHorror that leads to a tearjerker -- right before "I Will Go Sailing No More", Buzz sees a man, likely Mr. Phillips, asleep on the recliner and surrounded by ''empty beer cans''. Scud, the terrifying dog from hell, whimpers and retreats when he sees his master. Combine that with the fact that Sid's door has several locks... [[FreudianExcuse is it any wonder]] [[JerkassWoobie he's so disturbed?]]
* Sid blowing up the Combat Carl figure, thus marking the one death in the film.
* Meta example; On April 6, 2017, Creator/DonRickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head, died of kidney failure.