Tear Jerker: Toy Story

  • First and foremost is the "I Will Go Sailing No More" sequence, in which Buzz learns he's a toy that can't fly.
    • And immediately after, when Buzz tries to defy reality by flying off the stairwell railing. After crashing to the floor, he glances over to where his arm popped off at the ball joint, and despairs...
    • Especially the way Newman slowly sings the lyrics towards the end.
    • And how the sudden uplift makes you hope that somehow, in spite of him being a toy, Buzz will pull it off. You maybe even think that he will for a moment.....
  • Also, arguably the song "Strange Things". Woody starts off playing with Andy and then suddenly Buzz is taking his place and Woody is staring around in shock at the way the room, and effectively his whole world, is changing so rapidly around him...
    • Really, it's pretty much an average younger brother/sister story. The sympathy likely goes out to the neglected older sibling (in this case Woody), but not to the point where it really becomes tearjerking.
  • Bo Peep watching Andy sleep without either of his favorite toys.
    • What really hurts is the fact that Bo and Slinky were the only ones who believed that Woody was innocent (until the arm scene.)
  • The scene where Woody tells Buzz he (Woody) should have been the one strapped to the rocket, not Buzz. Shortly after, Woody looks over to Buzz only to find he is no longer there. The saddened look on Woody's face sets it.
  • When Scud has Woody by the teeth, he can't get to safety and resigns that he's going to be mauled apart. His last words to Buzz? "Take care of Andy for me."