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04:35:22 PM May 9th 2018
Why does the video game namespace redirect to the Tabletop page, which has a separate section about the video game?
04:46:38 PM May 9th 2018
Good question.
11:31:39 PM May 9th 2018
While I don't know the specifics of this case, generally this is because nobody has made a separate page for the video game as it shares many tropes with the original tabletop game and the page isn't really large enough to split. The two lists could probably do with putting in folders however.
12:52:07 AM Jun 5th 2010
"A single flash video is not appropriate for a page on Space Hulk."

To be fair, the page was originally created to showcase the Flash video, even more than the game itself. I'm not going to replace the examples you deleted, but be aware that this was where the page came from, and the original author may want to put them back. There Is No Such Thing as Notability and all that.
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